CDBB sets out roadmap for national digital twin

12 April 2019 | By CM staff

The Centre for Digital Built Britain (CDBB) has published details of its information management framework for the built environment, which aims to enable the development of the national digital twin.

The road map is an output of the CDBB’s digital framework task group, chaired by Mark Enzer, chief technical officer of Mott MacDonald, and follows publication of the ‘Gemini Principles’ last year, which provide guidance on the creation of digital twins.

Digital twins – digital replicas of physical assets and processes – are intended to inform better decisions through building lifecycles, from design and build, into operation, maintenance and use. The national digital twin is an ecosystem of connected digital twins.

The road map is split into five streams: ‘approach’, which defines the strategy; ‘governance’, which establishes the structures and processes; ‘commons’, which provides guidance, tools and standards; ‘enablers’, which identifies and addresses potential blockers; and ‘change’, which examines what is required to facilitate adoption across the built environment.

The CDBB will also shortly launch its Digital Twin Hub, a collaborative community for those who own or develop digital twins.

Enzer said: “The Gemini Principles provided the ‘conscience’ of this information management framework and this publication takes us one step further – providing a map of the first years of the journey that will lead to delivery of the framework for the built environment.”

The CDBB is a joint venture between the University of Cambridge and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

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