Five words you've heard…but were afraid to ask what they meant

12 October 2011

01 Annular nail

A nail with ridges along its shaft that help hold it firmly in place and prevent the nail pulling out. Often used for fixing plywood and other similar materials in place, particularly where movement might be an issue, such as with cladding or flooring. Sometimes referred to as a ring shank and generally used in first fix carpentry.

02 Attenuation pond

A large bunded area usually formed from raised banks of earth, linked to the storm drainage system that is allowed to flood, enabling the drainage system to cope when there is a sudden or prolonged period of heavy rain. They can often be found next to large car parks or new housing where an increase in hard landscaping could potentially result in flash flooding should the storm drainage become overwhelmed.

03 Espagnolette

A locking device for a door or window, often surface mounted but can be recessed within the opening window light or door. The handle operates a vertical bar that hooks in and out of a clasp at the top and bottom of the door/window frame to provide an enhanced seal and improved security. Sometimes referred to as an Espag.

04 Sheet pile

An interlocking steel sheet driven into the ground like a pile to form an impenetrable barrier. Although commonly made from mild steel, other materials such as concrete, wood and even vinyl have been used. Sheet piles are generally used to stabilise ground during the construction works rather than in permanent situations. They are often part of temporary works to retain ground when forming deep excavations so the actual permanent solution — a cast insitu concrete retaining wall for example — can be constructed.

05 Tundish

A funnel-shaped receptacle often fitted to an overflow pipe as part of a heating system or boiler that works as a visual warning device to alert the user/occupier that the system is discharging an excess of water, ie blow off. The tundish can also be used to allow air into a system and/or to vent a build up of air or gases.


These are the five most commonly searched words on the Construction Glossary iPhone app, launched by Richard Clifton MCIOB and Itchyfinger, a specialist builder of iPhone and Android apps.

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