Dubai to get world's longest indoor ski slope

24 August 2015
Meydan One will feature the world’s longest indoor ski slope, at 1.2km in length (Meydan City Corporation)

Dubai is getting a huge new leisure and residential development featuring the world's longest indoor ski slope and the world's tallest residential tower.

It will also have a big retractable roof that can open in winter for alfresco shopping and dining, but much of the development will focus on sport and physical fitness.

Launched by the Meydan City Corporation earlier this month with express approval from the Ruler of Dubai, the so-called Meydan One scheme covers more than 3.6 million square metres and sets out to be Dubai’s new “Number One leisure destination”, according to Emirates news agency, WAM.

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It will be home to 78,300 residents, some of them living in the planned 711-m tall Dubai One tower, which Meydan claims will be the world’s tallest residential structure.

Reaching just shy of the 829.3m high Burj Khalifa, which is also in Dubai and is the world’s tallest building, Dubai One will accommodate 885 apartments, a 5 star hotel, and a conference centre.

It will beat world height records for its 360-degree observation deck at 655m and restaurant at 675m.

Meydan One won’t be just for sitting around, sleeping and dining, however – the developers envisage what may be the world’s biggest keep-fit centre.

As well as the world’s longest indoor ski slope (at 1.2km), the scheme will have a 25,000 sq m indoor multi-purpose sport facility for “every sport imaginable”, over 5km of cycling and jogging trails, a beach and a 9km boardwalk.

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