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9 November 2018

The CIOB is looking for members who want to get more involved with their local community Hubs to help influence the industry. There are many CIOB Hubs worldwide that deliver local events, CPD and networking opportunities that members can join and take part in.

The CIOB is currently asking members who are interested to register ahead of applications opening. You can do that online at

Representing the profession in your local area is both a responsibility and a rewarding opportunity. It will help to develop local networks, build strategic and leadership skills and, most importantly, expand knowledge and expertise by giving something back to fellow construction professionals. 

To lead these hubs the CIOB looks for chartered members who care about helping others in their area, that have a strong sense for the issues and topics that members need to know about and that can help the CIOB showcase professionalism in the industry.

In return members will get a unique platform to raise your own profile and inspire others.

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