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Meet a member: Daniel Morris MCIOB

9 November 2018

The asset manager at VIVID Housing Ltd in Hampshire tells CM why he’s aiming to become a Fellow of the CIOB.

You’re working towards FCIOB... tell us more...

I’ve been working on my application to become a Fellow of the CIOB. Part of this has been for me to identify a recent construction project (within five years) which I’ve been leading on at a senior or strategic level.

I have to give a reflective account of my professional practice showing how my project has affected the industry, sector or society in general, and highlight the main learning points arising from it.

I chose a cladding replacement contract that I am leading on in Portsmouth to illustrate how I am leading the project team to deliver the contract, alongside showing the benefits created to the local community and the legacy for the wider industry.

My mentor has helped me finalise a 3,000-word reflective account in line with each of the set standards. Next steps will be for me to create a case study to showcase my project to the rest of the industry, to help others with the construction management of such projects.

Once this is completed, I’ll submit the full application and hopefully get invited to the Viva Voce interview at CIOB HQ.

Achieving this level of qualification would be the pinnacle of my career, something which I have been aiming for, but more importantly for me to give something back to the industry which I am proud to be part of.

What do you love and loathe about your job/this industry?

I am a great believer in developing our youngsters to lead the way in the future, and VIVID has supported the recent employment of an apprentice in my team. This is such a rewarding part of my job, seeing a young person develop in confidence and knowledge and then eventually advising our customers with professional advice on construction related matters.

I do not like the current uncertainty surrounding the future of the Building Regulations in relation to rainscreen cladding installations. We are currently in a state of limbo regarding this and it is causing lots of design headaches, especially on replacement projects on existing buildings. Clarity is urgently required!

What do you do for fun?

I am a keen amateur photographer, and in particular I love taking great dramatic shots of castles and historical buildings. Don’t ask me why, but they have always fascinated me and I know that they have all helped shape our country in one way or another.


Super attitude and article. Well done, Daniel!

Chris Soffe, President of the CIOB, 15 November 2018

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