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Kier’s schools plan to drive uptake of construction careers

13 March 2018

Kier has launched a pan-Wales education programme to engage and inspire students to consider the many different career opportunities that construction offers to people of all academic abilities.

It will also build the knowledge of educators, advisers and parents so they can deliver activities and encourage aspirations of young people between 7 and 18.

The construction company’s programme is a consortium-led: a network of stakeholders includes CIOB, the CITB and University of Wales and 50 companies from the Kier supply chain. Everyone will work to create meaningful links with local schools, champion construction and deliver activities.

The plan is to produce an activity toolkit to be rolled out with all schools engaged in the programme by September 2018; to offer 44 work experience opportunities with Kier; and share insight widely – producing evaluation reports, survey analysis and case studies.

Schools will have access to free advice, STEM-based activities and Construction Ambassadors to inspire and enhance the “world of work” learning experience and careers support

The construction industry needs 400,000 recruits each year, but drawing new talent into an industry, that as research shows, is still misperceived as “muddy”, “manual”, “male dominated”, “poorly paid” and “largely non-academic”, is a fundamental challenge.

Kier understands that schools and colleges alone do not have the time or resource to provide comprehensive and persuasive careers advice, and have a vital role to play in changing mindsets, reducing stereotypes, providing training and bridging the gap between the next generation and the construction industry.


' still misperceived as “muddy”, “manual”, “male dominated”, “poorly paid” and “largely non-academic”, is a fundamental challenge'

Misperceived, really?

The problem stems from the likes of Keir not wanting to train and employ people at the bottom end.

These initiatives to make construction careers sexy are part of the problem; often led by people who have never picked up a tool in their lives.

Darren, 24 March 2018

Agree with Darren's comments. Is there room for another 'activity toolkit' whatever that is?...sounds like another shallow photo opportunity for the business development photographer.

Employers such as Kier need to invest their time, money and expertise in real training with meaningful training, education & qualifications.

Is this really news at all ?....come on Peeps !

Howard , 26 April 2018

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