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Health tools help Coleman Group staff with wellbeing

2 November 2017

FCIOB MD makes sure staff are physically and mentally fit for work.

The issue of mental health and stress in the workplace is an increasingly important one across all sectors.

There was a 14% rise in notes relating to anxiety and stress between 2015-16 and 2016-17 and research shows that the risk of suicide for low-skilled male labourers, particularly those working in construction roles, is three times higher than the male national average. 

The Coleman Group recognises its duty as an employer to support staff and has developed a series of initiatives to improve the wellbeing of its people. 

Coleman is a family firm that brings together specialists in the field of demolition, remediation, specialist cutting and engineering. 

It is offering staff a range of “health tools”, from personal training sessions and fitness workshops, to advice on diet, sleep strategies and overall health. The company’s leadership team is also set to complete a mindfulness course, which will enable them to better identify and tackle stress.

Mark Coleman FCIOB, group managing director of The Coleman Group, said: “As an employer we have a duty to support the mental wellbeing of our staff, not just their physical health and safety. We’re proud of our family values and we’ve worked hard to develop a strategy to support physical and mental wellbeing, but we need more organisations to play their part in tackling this industry-wide issue.”

A survey released in October showed a quarter of construction workers have said their mental health was making them consider a career change.

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