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Psychologist to advise CIOB members on positive thinking

11 March 2019

Tom Flatau, the managing director of Teamworking International, is holding talks and one-to-one meetings to discuss the neuroscience of leadership and neuroplasticity and how it affects your work success and helps leadership.

The events take place in the Channel Islands in May but all CIOB members are welcome and the CIOB is organising site visits after the event for anyone who attends.

In his talks Flatau will explain how transforming your mindset can deliver career benefits to you and your team.

The seminar sets out to challenge you to unlock barriers and bring success, happiness and fulfilment in the workplace, as well as learning how to get twice the productivity out of staff.

Flatau’s work has helped leaders from companies including HSBC, Emirates Airlines, Siemens, American Express, Emerson and Louis Vuitton.

He will also explore the neuroscience of resilience and how to manage the stress of deadlines, back-to-back meetings, long hours, presentations, staff issues, even family demands.

To book a place and find out more details about flights and accommodation visit or contact:

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There is no shortage of positive thinking in construction. This is obvious from the repeated triumph of optimism over experience. The construction industry repeats its mistakes time and time again due to the failure to recognise risk and to take a realistic view of that risk. In construction realism is considered equal to pessimism and is not tolerated; an attitude you do not find in industries which cannot afford to fail. Positive thinking that leads to improvements is laudable. However, it is often seen as an excuse for ignoring potential problems as in 'hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil'. There needs to be checks and balances to ensure that positive thinking does not result in the belief that nothing can go wrong; it is often said that if it can happen it will happen - if you fool yourself into believing that everything will be perfect then you will not be prepared to deal with any issues that may arise. Consideration of common risks and making contingency plans is not being negative, it is being sensible.

Peter McKernan, 13 March 2019

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