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Academy courses to build BIM skills

6 February 2018

The CIOB Academy is staging two BIM skills courses in February.

Develop your ability to act as a BIM management professional and qualify to apply for BIM management certification through the BIM Management one day course on 23 February in London; or qualify for the title of BIM Technician on a course on 22 February also in London.

The CIOB BIM Management course focuses on the requirements and skills needed to qualify as a BIM management professional.

You will learn about what BIM can achieve on a project, ensuring vision and strategy are aligned to projects, engaging external stakeholders, and collaborating with partners and internal teams. This will allow you to assess, plan and provide support to clients and internal stakeholders during the BIM process, and manage all the related documentation and information.

The role of a BIM Technician is key within the context of a BIM project. This course will align you to the skills necessary to act as a technician and support BIM projects, and will also allow you to apply for BIM Technician certification.

To undertake the courses you must have at least one of the following:

Each course costs £295.00 + VAT.

To book and to learn more about course details visit

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